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ODE’s Horse Promise

My ulterior motive in creating Open Door Equine Inc. is to save horses from auction houses known to sell to slaughter buyers. Several years ago a few friends and I went to a small Amish town in Northern Indiana to go to the auction they have for horses and tack. I was nievely thinking that I would see nice horses being lead through the auction stand like one sees televised at the Keeneland Yearling Sales. What I saw was like watching a horror movie. I felt like I was out of body and that had I not felt like that I would not have been able to breath from the overwhelming feeling of fear and pain I was experiencing. It took everything in me to not cry the entire time I was there. I am not a person who easily cries either.

I have been to this place two times. The second time I was there I watched a horse die. There was a pen full of large horses. Inside this pen were two small ponies. The large horses were standing at the edge of the pen while the two ponies were, very frantically, doing what I call “friend nibbling” as if out of desperate fear. (Friend Nibbling is when two horses scratch each other on the withers with their teeth.) The large horses seemed to have moved to the edge to give them their space and out of respect. I think these ponies knew each other and were saying their “good by’s”. It broke my heart. I saw a young Belgian, my guess is about two years old, standing in a small pen by herself in a Founder Stance. I walked over to her looking at her hooves. She was so far gone her back was humped, she was tipped so far back that she was trying to balance on the very edge of the tips of her front hooves. At times she was off her front hooves completely. Upon closer inspection I saw the tips of both coffin bones sticking out of the sole of her hooves. The look on her young face was amazing agony. I saw horses missing eyes, pregnant mares, untrained horses that were never given a chance, old troupers, very young, horses who knew what was happening and were accepting their fate. There were also those who were not accepting of what was happening and looked at me like “Get me out of here!”

This place is horrific. Knowing what happens to them is horrifying. Things like this make me ashamed to be a person. Horses give us everything, everything we need when we need it. They carry us in more ways than just riding. They are natural healers and want us to be whole. Horses teach young girls how to fly, they teach adults to play, they show us that we are worthwhile and have meaning. It is because of this that all horses that come to Open Door Equine Inc. will be either At-Risk for going to slaughter or are bought from an auction house known for attracting “Kill Buyers”.

My goal as re-payment to my horse friends is to honor their hard work and giving nature by getting as many horses out of that kind of situation as posable. For the terrified ponies, for the palomino who said “Get me out of here!” for the Standardbred missing his eye, for the bay pregnant mare, for any horse that has to die in a place like this, I will make you a place where you are wanted and loved for who and what you are and for what you do. This is for Teddy- my first horse love, Sugar and Spice and Bo and also for Charlie’s broken heart over his best friend Sugar and Spice, had to take THAT trip.

There are no Un-Wanted horses. NONE.