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Stacey Sheley

My name is Stacey Sheley. I am a lifelong student of the horse. Horses are my passion and I firmly believe that they can change lives. I know this through my personal experience and from watching it happen first hand. Indianapolis Channel 59 Paying It Forward with Sherman Burdette came out to the barn to do an interview with me about the programs here. To watch the video you may have to slide the time toggle along a bit. It seems to stick at the beginning, after the 5th second of play it should go.

When I was young I lived in the suburbs of Chicago. There were a few opportunities to be around horses in that area and I found them and took advantage of them. My first taste of real horse flesh came from what was, at that time, called The Hanson Center in Burr Ridge Illinois. I was a volunteer in the equine program for people with disabilities. There I learned quickly how horses can affect people with special needs, it was very moving and left a huge impact on my life.

Then next opportunity I found was working at Arabian Knights Farm in Willowbrook Illinois. Here I learned to clean stalls, feed and care for horses, ease dropped on riding lessons and talked to horse professionals probably to the point of annoying them. I asked every question at every chance to learn as much as I could as fast as possible.

The above picture was from a return home trip to AKF. This little Hackney Pony was there when I was a kid. Her owners wanted her to go from cart only to riding. My task was to get her to canter. It led to the funniest experience I had there. We were trotting so fast I laughed myself right off of her. This was about 1989-1990 or so. I think her name might be Tippy. I was so surprised that she was still there it made me cry. I recognized her right away and was speechless, just sobbed a little. The lady who gave us a tour of the updates was gracious enough to let me in with her to visit.

When I wasn’t able to be around or talk to horse people I was reading nonfiction, fiction, and equine related magazines. If I wasn’t reading I was drawing horses, watching old westerns to see horses and people riding. I watched every Triple Crown race and Olympic horse event that was televised and learned how to pick the winner of each event. I studied horses in any way possible from early on.

I have taught riding lessons in both Lake and Porter counties in Indiana, have gone to horseshoeing school at Midwest Horseshoeing School in Macomb Illinois, was a farrier for several years and now I have earned my EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) certification as of October 2013.

I chose to start Open Door Equine Inc. after many conversations with parents of children with disabilities. There is too much talk about insurance companies denying people therapy options and red tape for anyone with a disability, too little money, too much heartache and I know too much about horses and the healing abilities (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and with personal growth) they possess for people of all abilities and ages for me to not do this.

I gladly and with much enthusiasm wish to present to you Open Door Equine Inc. Where “NO!” is not an option. My promise to you is that I will do whatever I can to make horseback riding available to anyone who finds it a valuable resource, for you, your family and those in need. Horses have opened many doors for me; please allow me to open a door for you and your family. All are welcome; able bodied people, people with hearing, sight, physical, mental and emotional difficulties, at risk youth, anyone and everyone. My greatest desire in this world is to use my knowledge, skill and time to share my horses and what they have taught me. I want anyone who has a question to ask it freely with no worries. One very valuable lesson horses taught me is to see the world in a nonjudgmental fashion. With compassion first, I open the door for you to my world and my horses. Welcome to Open Door Equine Inc. …

© 2014 by Stacey Sheley.