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Reading List

This list of books are the books I have personally read and where a lot of my methods and theories have come from. The list is not complete at the moment and I hope that I never stop reading, learning and growing. As of 12/07/10 I have not added every book that contributed to my understanding of horse, horsemanship and riding. I will be adding more as I remember the authors and books and as I read new ones.

Thank you for looking and your interest in continuing your equine education.

For kids

I have read all of the Walter Farley books and most of Marguerite Henry’s books. Not all of Marguerite Henry’s books are about horses but are still wonderful books as well. I want to make one note about her book “Mustangs”, it should be saved for older children as it depicts a true story and some of it is graphic. It is a fantastic book about a wonderful lady who is one of my personal hero’s. Her nick name is Wild Horse Annie (Velma Bronn Johnston). She made it possible for mustangs to have sanctuaries, she petitioned in the government for humane treatment of horses destine for slaughter (Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, which passed unanimously I might add.) and many other great things like the BLM. This incredible book is a tribute to this woman who changed history in the 1950’s and is a polio survivor-she also rode horses.


Walter Farley

  • Little Black, a Pony
  • The Black Stallion
  • The Black Stallion Returns
  • Son of the Black Stallion
  • The Island Stallion
  • and 15 other wonderful books

Marguerite Henry

  • Misty of Chincoteague
  • King of the Wind
  • Sea Star
  • Mustang
  • Brighty of the Grand Canyon
  • Born to Trot
  • Black Gold
  • Our First Pony
  • Justin Morgan Had a Horse

Anna Sewell

  • Black Beauty -This is a wonderful book for all age groups and I highly recommend everyone add it to their reading list.

For Adults

Linda Kohanov

  • The Tao of Equus

Buck Brannaman

  • The Far Away Horses
  • Ranch Roping with Buck Brannaman
  • Believe

Bill Dorrance

  • True Horsemanship Through Feel

Temple Grandon

Note: Temple Grandon, another personal hero, is simply amazing, she has a doctorate, is the head of Colorado State University’s Animal Science department, public speaker, author, she has made HUGE steps for humane treatment of animals and she has a form of autism!

  • Animals in Translation
  • Animals Make Us Human
  • The Way I See It
  • Thinking in Pictures
  • Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships

Sally Swift

  • Centered Riding
  • Centered Riding 2

J.P.S Brown

  • Steeldust


  • The Art of Horsemanship

Relevant non-horse books

Roger Schank

  • Coloring Outside the Lines

National Research Counsel

  • How People Learn


Equus– Very informative with medical and research updates, how-to’s, horse care, great anecdotes, interviews and news of the horse world. Includes a glossary of uncommon horse and medical terms. Geared towards advanced horse care.

Western horseman– General info about Western lifestyle, Western riding, Ranch work and fun not so serious stories and poems about life with horses.

Horse and Rider– Western Riding, full of great practice exercises, interviews with trainers, horse care, how-to’s, the latest show ring trends. Super magazine for the Western rider.

America’s Horse– AQHA’s monthly publication.

Horse Illustrated– Full of pictures and highlights a breed of the month with a poster in the middle page. Great for kids and beginner horse people.