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Practice Sessions

Intermediate and advanced clients of Open Door Equine Inc. will have available to them practice sessions. Practice sessions are $20 Per hour.

Practice sessions are unassisted scheduled ride times where clients may use a lesson horse to go over their skills on their own without a trainers assistance. A trainer will be present at the barn during practice sessions, however they will not be commenting on the rider’s actions. They are used as personal study time. These sessions are important to a rider because they allow a rider to think on their own and have the experience of self-regulation.

We recommend to riders that when they have questions resulting from a practice session that the rider come to their next lesson with those questions. The reason for this is because it allows the mind to go over the possible answers and allows for the rider to come up with their own answers. This encourages the rider to become accustom to problem solving and becoming an independent rider.

When an ODE Inc. client has become proficient and moved into the intermediate skill level these practice sessions become available. During the practice session, the rider is responsible for, grooming, tacking, warming up the lesson horse, riding safely and mindfully of the barn, other riders, other people using the same space, general safe behavior, equine etiquette, cooling out the lesson horse, untacking, returning all tack, tools and horse to the proper locations, followed by cleaning the spaces used.

Practice sessions are a privilege and each rider allowed the option of practice sessions is a representation of ODE Inc. when they are taking advantage of the practice session.