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Open Door Equine Inc. is much more than simply “horses as a hobby”. We are a team of like-minded people with the ability to make dreams happen. We do this through continuous learning, innovative thinking, and mutual motivation. We love working with horses and we care about both the people and the horses we get to work with. It is the dreams of each other and the dreams of our clients that bring excitement to our lives.

Dreams can happen if we turn our dreams into action. That is what we do here. We take a dream and we act on it. We build from a goal, see the possibilities, and find a path to success. If you want to own a horse someday we can teach you the horsemanship skills you will need. When you are ready to own a horse we can help find the horse that is right for you. If you want to learn to ride, for whatever the reason, we can teach you to ride. If you are stuck with your relationship with your horse we can find the core issue and solve the problem. If you have a horse that needs to learn a skill to have a new job, we can do that too. Perhaps you and your horse are already skilled athletes but you need something to get higher rankings in events. We offer Equine Massage Therapy to get a better performance from your horse. There ARE solutions to dreams, to success, to placement of a horse you care about.

Why would your dream make us excited? It’s simple. We like success, we like horses, and we like happiness. We like to find fun and interesting ways to make things happen.

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