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Lesson Contract


This Riding Lesson Contract is made and entered into this _______day of ______________, 20_____, by and between Open Door Equine Inc. hereinafter designated “Instructor”, and ______________________, hereinafter designated “Rider” and if the Rider is a minor, Rider’s parent or guardian, _____________________. In return for the use, today, and on all future dates of the property, facilities and instruction of the Rider, the Rider hereby expressly agrees to the following:

Lessons are Private lessons at $40 per hour; semi-private and group lessons are $35 per hour. Semi-private and group lessons are on specified times. Lessons for boarders and Lessees are $20 per hour. Riders must meet qualifications to ride in the group lessons. Please circle your choice and initial. Private Lesson per month fee is $160, Semi-Private and Group Lesson per month fee is $140

  • Private
  • Semi-private
  • Group

Initial _____________

All beginner lessons and new clients are required to take private lessons. Acceptations to this rule are made for family groupings. Once an instructor deems the Rider safe to ride in a group setting the rider and ODE Inc. can opt to change this contract to reflect such a change.

Group Lesson Qualifications

  1. Must be able to retrieve their horse from pastures or stalls, unassisted.
  2. Must be able to fully groom, tack and un-tack their horse, unassisted.
  3. Must be able to stop fully and turn a horse to the left and the right while mounted, unassisted.
  4. Must be able to demonstrate safe horse handling.
  5. Must be able to demonstrate proper adherence to the Arena Guidelines.

Instructor approval to allow admission to semi/group lessons; _________________________________________Date______

Lessons are to be paid for on the first (1st) lesson of each month or if paying for a year’s worth of sessions at the commencement of the lesson program. If payment is not received at the start of each month, the above-mentioned rider will be dropped from riding lessons until payment is received. In the interim, the time spot may be filled with another rider. ODE Inc. reserves the right to make available Private Treaty lesson arrangements. Payment options: Cash, check, money order, credit card, PayPal and Chase QuickPay.

  • Incase of the need to schedule make up lessons there will be hours available to choose from and the instructor available at that time may or may not be the usual instructor.

Reasons for rescheduling include but are not limited to:

  • Severe weather
  • Health related cancelation by either party
  • Family related cancelation by either party
  • Client vacation

ODE Inc. will make reasonable attempts to insure that the instructor of choice is available for lessons. However, when that is imposable on a particular lesson day a suitable replacement will be made available in order to honor the client’s time and time slot. If such a substitution is not possible a make up lesson should be scheduled.

A lesson is 60 minutes in length and is to consist of; Grooming, tacking, mounting each rider and tack adjustments, exercises while mounted, warm up and cool down time as well as dismounting. Please note we consider a lesson starting when the riders enter stable area and is greeted by the instructor. The riding instructor additionally has the responsibility of safety for riders, volunteers, and horses at all times, the instructor has the right to deviate from the lesson outline when safety is a concern. For example, the lesson could be barn management-classroom activities, types of tack and bits, tack cleaning, etc.

Pre-ride time where grooming and tacking is done is an essential part of the lesson. Part of the design in ODE lessons is to build a proficient equestrian, a whole rider who understands all elements of horsemanship. A lesson consists of equine management, ground time and mounted time.

Please note: If a horse is uncooperative it is most likely due to rider error not the fault of the horse. It is the rider’s responsibility to learn the techniques and cues that the horses understand. If the horses do not understand the cues, the action was not performed properly. The horses will respond to the cues given, most of the time.

Lesson rules;

  1. No helmet, no ride. Groundwork lessons will be put in place of riding lessons unless the client is of majority age and has signed a helmet waver. No stable owned helmets will be made available.
  2. No appropriate footwear, no horse handling or riding. The time slot will be treated as a cancelation and all fees will apply.
  3. Payment is to be received by an Open Door Equine Inc. representative prior to all lessons.
  4. Please arrive on time or 15 minutes early. 10 minutes late or more will be treated as a cancelation and all fees will apply regardless of whether the lesson is Private, Semi-Private or Group. In the event of late arrival, the end time of the lesson will remain as scheduled. The only condition for extending lesson time is if the riding instructor is not present at the scheduled lesson beginning time.
  5. The only people who are to be in the arena are the instructors and riders that are getting ready to ride in current lesson.
  6. Parent/Rider waiting area is located by the front door behind the half wall in the indoor arena or near the in-gate of the outdoor arena (please bring own seating).
  7. While a riding lesson is in progress all parents, family members, and guests must stay outside of the arena. If you need to move around use driveway, cutting across the arena is inappropriate. You may only enter arena if asked by an instructor or volunteer.
  8. The riding instructor should be the only person coaching the rider during a lesson. The rider should only be expected to take direction from one person at a time. The instructor has the ability to distinguish the most important task at hand for the rider because they are the experts.
  9. If you need to talk to the riding instructors about medical or physical problems which may have a safety implication for the current lesson, please do so before the mounting phase of the lesson gets started.
  10. No loud noises (clapping, door slamming on cars, honking of car horns, loud talking/ laughing, calling to riders, etc.) No ball playing, tag games, or fast type movement games allowed before, during or after lesson scheduled times.
  11. Horse and tack use is at the discretion of the instructor. No unauthorized changes will be tolerated. The riding instructor has the final say in which horse(s) will be used in the lessons.
  12. ODE Inc. reserves the right for riding instructors to discipline a rider or guest. Some examples of reasons for disciplinary actions: disruption to lesson, behavior problems that are unacceptable or unsafe, inappropriate comments and conduct disrespectful to; fellow clients, instructor, volunteers and or horse(s) failure to follow program stated policies, rules or instructions, inappropriate “disciplining” of horses, etc.
  13. Tacking the horse is solely the responsibility of the rider. The instructor will not ready horses for riders. This is a mandatory part of horsemanship.

This disciplinary policy has been developed to ensure a safe and conducive environment for all involved in our riding program. If disciplinary actions are required lesson fee is non refundable.

Warning Policy:

  • ODE Inc. riding instructors have the right to discipline a rider, parent/guardian, and/or volunteer
  • First offense, the rider will be removed from the horse or bystander will be asked to leave the immediate area.
  • Second offense, the rider, or bystander along with their rider, will be dismissed from the riding lesson for that day.
  • Third offense is final warning. The rider will be removed from horse and suspended from further lessons with ODE Inc.
  • If the offender is a parent, guardian or volunteer, they will follow the same disciplinary policy and can be dropped from the program on the third offense, in the case of a parent or guardian this will include the rider.

Examples of reasons for disciplinary actions: disruption to class, behavior problems that are unacceptable or unsafe, disrespect to instructor, horses, riders and/or volunteers, failure to follow program stated policies, rules, instructions, shaming rider for not performing up to an individual’s expectations, etc..

Immediate Termination Policy:

A rider, parent or guardian, volunteer, or instructor will be immediately removed from the ODE Inc. program for inappropriate comments or inappropriate conduct, bringing weapons on the property, bringing illegal items on the property, fighting.

General Rules:

  1. All gates and stall doors (when horses are in the stall) to be kept closed.
  2. No entry into feed/hay storage areas.
  3. No climbing, sitting, or standing on stall doors, fences, gates or facility property including but not limited to hay, bedding and vehicles.
  4. Smoking is prohibited.
  5. No consumption of alcohol beverages or drugs.
  6. You are responsible for your friends and visitors conduct and safety while on the property of ODE Inc.
  7. No running around horses or riding areas.
  8. All trash to be disposed of in trash barrel.
  9. No horses to be handled in or out of the stalls without supervision, if needed.
  10. Boarded horses are off limits.
  11. Always respect others when speaking or socializing.

Special note to parents;

As parents ourselves we understand the day-to-day struggles that occur at home, at school and in life in general. ODE is a place of learning. Horsemanship and riding have a higher risk factor. It is encouraged that arguments be held until after the lesson. This includes patent to child, parent-to-parent and child-to-child. A stiff, angry upset, sad and or crying rider is at even greater risk for mishaps. Arguing, sideline coaching and or arguing over horses will not be tolerated.

I the undersigned have read and understand the above Riding Lesson Contract plus all the ODE Inc. policies and rules which I agree to abide by in total and I have received a copy of this contract, that includes the ODE Inc. policies and rules which are also available on I further understand that if any of the ODE Inc. policies or rules are not followed, ODE Inc. has the right to cancel this contract in full without any refund of moneys remaining for the session(s).

I agree that if I choose to take any and all legal action against ODE Inc. ODE Inc.’s stable, its agents and/or employees for any reason, that I am fully responsible for ODE Inc.’s , ODE Inc.’s  stable, it’s agents and/or employees’ legal fees, court costs and any other fees involving my choice in taking any legal action against ODE Inc., ODE Inc.’s  stable, its agents and/or employees.

Additional fees that may be applied

  • Rescheduling Fee – $5.00 per incident
  • Cancelation Fee – Full lesson fee if less than 24 hours
  • Mediation Fee – $40 per incedent