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Camp Councilor Application 2015

Open Door Equine 2015 Summer Riding camp

Volunteer Summer Camp Counselor Application

Application Deadline: 2 weeks before first requested camp date.


Last name:___________________ First name: ______________________

Home address: ________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________State: ____ Zip: ___________

Email address:_____________________ Home phone: __________________Cell: __________________

Emergency contact name: ______________________ Address: _________________________________ Emergency contact #: ________________________________ Relationship: ______________________

Emergency contact #: ________________________________ Relationship: ______________________

Age: ______ Birth date:____/_____/______ Grade entering for fall of 2015: _______

School attending in fall of 2015:______________________Form of transportation:__________________

Please circle current certifications:

First Aid                Child CPR              Adult CPR              Other: _________________

Do you have any limitations, which may affect your ability to perform the job(s) you are applying for? If YES, please explain:

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

A minimum requirement of 3 camps chosen available for work: (please circle the dates you will be available)

June July August
1st – 4th No camp this week 3rd – 6th
8th – 11th 6th – 9th 10th – 13th
15th – 18th 13th – 16th 17th – 20th
22nd – 25th 20th – 23rd
27th – 23rd

Training sessions will typically be held the week prior to camps


Please list equine experience, if any:

Please list any other extra-curricular activities you have or are involved in:

Please list any hobbies or special interests:

Do you have any experience with the supervision and care of children?

What abilities and/or personal strengths do you feel you can use as a camp counselor?

What do you hope to gain from your experience at Open Door Equine’s Summer Camps?

How did you hear about Open Door Equine’s Summer Camp’s?

Is there any additional information that you feel will be helpful to us in considering your application?

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?* If YES, please explain. (Conviction will not necessarily disqualify applicant):