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ODE offers several opportunities for current and former military personnel and their families. Riding, driving, showing, training, lessons, volunteering, therapy and more to come. Please join our growing military family.

Jennifer Parks on Ichabod's Revenge

Jennifer Parks on Ichabod's Revenge

From Stacey:

I was going to write this page as official sounding as I could. I struggled with this a great deal over many days. The reason why I had a hard time with it is because it felt unauthentic. It didn’t serve the reason as to why I want Open Door Equine to be available to military personnel. The list reasons why I want to do this are great and varied. The most important reasons now are for Jennifer (see above), for other friends of mine, and for my family.

These incredible people happen to be military people. They are more than that though. They have been inspirational, they are achievers, they are driven, honest, deeply emotional people who have seen things that have changed them, they have done things that have changed them and they are stronger because of it whether they believe that or not. I don’t know that they understand how profound they truly are and have been to me on not only a personal level but for ODE.

This page is for them and for you reading this because you too are stronger than you think, more inspiring than you think, smarter than you think and most importantly you are also, like them, more valuable than you think you are. You are here reading this page, that means that you are seeking solutions. You are here because you are looking for a reason to strive, for purpose, for excitement, for inclusion into something more than yourself and perhaps even just for something to do that is different.

Most likely you joined the military for a reason greater than you perceived yourself. This is what sets you apart from the average person. It doesn’t matter when you joined whether it was before or after 9/11 what matters is that you did. What matters is that you already know all the things it takes to be a team, to play a roll in something that has a cause. What matters also is that you are still here. What that means is that you still have purpose and a job to do. If you find that purpose here please call us and let us give you that opportunity. Help us grow a strong program. Join us in making this a place for not only healing but to be able to include more people like yourselves who are seeking that something.

We need you because you are skilled beyond my imagination, beyond what others may believe. I know this to be true. I know this because I have seen this in Jen, my friends, and my family. I see it everyday. I couldn’t run ODE with out Jennifer, my friends, and my family because they have been so unbelievably open and supportive. This makes me believe in ODE, the power of horses and the inner strength I see from these amazing people. This is why I want to provide a place for you and other military personnel. You matter, they matter and together we can make this a great thing. We need you as much as you need to find that thing you are seeking.

Thank you and I hope to get to know you and be inspired by your words, thoughts and your ability to carry on. I hope when you get here that you feel as at home and welcome as Jen, my friends and family do. Together we are one. Together we can move mountains.


Stacey Sheley