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We believe that responsible rescuing is paramount. We currently only have the resources for one horse at a time.

Alice Faye is our rescued horse this year.

We would like to give Alice a third chance and a healthy future. To do so she needs your help. Your funds will go directly to the care of this mare. To see another rescue we saved please view Fabio’s before and after photos. We will keep updates going on our FaceBook page so you can easily track her improvements as she progresses.

Alice is a 7 year old thoroughbred mare with an amazing pedigree. Her sire is the great Cryptoclearance. Alice Faye’s family includes household names like War Admiral, Man O’ War. It includes highly prestigious horses like; Fappiano, Mr Prospector, Raise a Native, Native Dancer, Hoist The Flag, Princequillo, Count Fleet, Nasrullah and Polynesian and Bold Ruler who is Secretariat’s sire.

For four years Alice worked hard for her former owners earning over $33,000 in her 32 racing starts. Approximately a year ago she was found on a kill buyer’s lot and was salvaged to return to the track. That plan didn’t work out and she returned to the same kill buyer getting ready to head off to slaughter once more.

A young woman named Brandy found her. Brandy works hard to find homes for the horses she finds on kill lots. It is hard work because not all the horses can be re-homed fast enough. Alice now has another chance to escape an early end.

Alice's hip

Alice's hip

Horses are rated on a 0-9 scale of body condition. 0 is dead and 9 is morbidly obese. Alice may score a 2 or less. She currently has a winter coat. We shaved a portion of her coat to illustrate just how dire her situation is. What you can see in the above picture is her hip bone. The flat above the hand is the top of her rump. It should be round and fully muscled not flat like this. The length of every rib is easily felt, every vertebra, her entire scapula is skin on bone. Don’t worry, she has a warm blanket now too. This is why she needs your help as soon as possible. To properly get her weight on requires quality feeds and a lot of knowledgeable manpower as well as veterinarian checks. Follow this link to learn more about Body Scoring.

Alice arrived at Open Door Equine Inc. in McCordsville just east of Indianapolis on Sunday 2/16/14 at 4:30pm .

Alice to barn

Alice to barn

At ODE she will receive steam rolled human grade oats and barley along with Tribute’s peleted feed, she will have good clean hay and fresh water in small amounts multiple times a day then down to regular sized rations two times a day once her weight stabilizes. She will live on the 30 acre facility with training arenas, exercise course and a plethora of volunteers who will dote on her as often as possible. After she recovers and gets a bit of training and perhaps a show or two she will be up for adoption to a caring home.

The below picture is of a horse that is currently at Open Door Equine. He is an example of what a healthy hip should look like.

Ichy Example of a healthy weight

Ichy Example of a healthy weight

Alice needs your sponsorship to ensure her recovery. You can give her a third chance at life. You can help Alice survive to find loving people who will properly care for her who will ensure she gets healthy life. It costs about $100 a week to cover feed, housing, veterinarian and farrier care.