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Boarding Contract

Open Door Equine Inc.
Stacey A. Sheley
Owner, Instructor and Trainer



This contract entered into by and between Stacey A. Sheley d/b/a Open Door Equine Inc. and ______________________________________________, for the boarding of a certain horse named: ____________________________________Age:_____________, Breed: ____________________________________ Gender:______________________, owned by __________________________________________, and in consideration of the mutual covenants herein contained, it is agreed upon by and between the parties as follows:

1. That Stacey A. Sheley, d/b/a Open Door Equine Inc., thereinafter referred to as “Stable”, agree to board the above named horse for the sum starting at $400.00* dollars per month, payable on or before the first of each month commencing on; ___________________________________ (Date).

Prorated fees are as follows for the first month ________________________________________


  1. Board payments are due on the first (1st) of each month no later than 8p.m.
  2. Board paid on the second (2nd) of each month will be considered late and will be $400.00
  3. Each consecutive week that board is late the fines will increase. 2nd week the fine will be $50.00, on the 3rd week the fine will be $75.00, on the 4th week the fine will be $100.00. The day of the week that the late fees apply will be Sunday, the start of the week.

2. Payment Options

  1. Cash
  2. Direct Deposit
  3. Check – Returned (NSF) fee is $40 and late fees will accrue as stated above.
  4. Money Orders
  5. PayPal – Processing fee for PayPal is $15.00

3. This agreement can be terminated upon seven (7) days written notice by either party to the other.

4. Stable reserves the right to notify owner of said horse within thirty (30) days of horse’s arrival if horse, in Stable’s opinion, is deemed dangerous, sick or undesirable for a boarding stable. In such case, owner is responsible for removing horse within seven (7) days and for all fees incurred during horse’s stay. After all fees have been paid, this Contract is concluded.

5. Stable requires that all horses have vaccines and worming up to date upon arrival.

6. Stable shall provide stall, bedding, feed, hay and daily (or as necessary) cleaning of stall(s). Horse(s) shall be fed twice (2) daily with a balanced feed ration and hay in an amount recommended for proper maintenance of an average horse. Addition of special supplements or vitamins will be fed if provided by owner and additional feed (hay and or grain) or bedding will be an up-charge for difficult keepers.

7. Stable will not be responsible for lost or missing equipment of owner and owner shall be responsible for providing a suitable container to hold tack and equipment.

8. Owner shall be responsible for all veterinary fees and blacksmithing costs. Owner of horse shall be responsible for the overall health of the horse.

9. Owner of horse is fully responsible for keeping said horse from all claims arising out of injury or death of said horse. It is expressly understood that Stable carries no such insurance upon said horse and owner of horse agrees to hold harmless and in all matters indemnity Stables, their agents, volunteers and or employees, from any and all claims from any person whomsoever, whether for personal injuries, or property damage, arising out of said horse whether on or off premises owned and or leased by Stables, and whether horse is under control of agents, volunteers and or employees of Stable or otherwise.

10. Owner of horse shall be responsible for the conduct and supervision of all persons including children on the premises of Stable, at the expressed or implied invitation of the owner or with the knowledge and consent of the owner. The owner shall be specifically responsible for all actions and conduct of her or his friends and guests in all matters, hold Stable, its agents, volunteers and employees harmless from any and all claims including but not limited to personal injury and property damage claims made by or on behalf of any such friends, guest or person on the premises of Stable at or with the expressed invitation, knowledge or consent of owner.

11. Owner shall be responsible for the supervision of all persons riding said horse, other than Stable, its agents, volunteers and employees, and Stable will be in no way responsible the actions or conduct of such persons, other than Stable, its agents, volunteers and employees of Stables, while riding said horse.

12. Stable will not allow anyone other than family members of owner to ride said horse if owner is not present unless prior written permission is given by owner.

13. No horse shall be removed from said premises until all bills are paid in full and this debt shall be secured by a lien upon notice to owner in the event it should become necessary to secure payment of any unpaid obligations of owner. Owner will pay any and all fees incurred by actions to collect monies in full. In the event it is necessary to refer this agreement to an attorney, for collection owner agrees to pay all collection costs including all attorney fees, court costs and any and all fees and or costs associated with such an action.

14. Owner will not be in any way responsible for injuries and or damages sustained by Stable, its agents, volunteers and employees caused by said horse unless such injuries and or damages are catastrophic in nature.

15. Owner accepts all risk for injury or death of horse and hereby releases Stable from any and all liability for the death or injury of said horse.

Please note that the Stable is under video surveillance. Video will be recorded off sight and not all video surveillance areas will be marked.

Stacey A. Sheley d/b/a Open Door Equine Inc.


Owner: X ________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________________________________