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Specialty Items

Open Door Equine Inc. strives to be as inclusive as possible for people interested in horses. We would like to present to the public our new Driving Division.

A friend of the owner, Stacey Sheley, came to her one evening with this story; An elderly equestrian had lost her last horse two years ago. Her husband passed the following year. Six months after his passing she suffered from a stroke that left half of her body partially paralyzed. In the coming months her children will be moving with her grandchildren to Ireland leaving her with no family left in the states. “What can you do for her? I fear she will become depressed and we will soon loose her.” Stacey’s answer: a cart, a harness and a new job for one of the small horses at Open Door Equine Inc. named Dusty.

After a little research a Meadowbrook Cart (see above photo) was found along with a harness. Together these items will cost $1000. The two-wheeled cart is easy to maneuver. A buggy (4 wheels) is available for an additional $900. The buggy will provide an upgrade in difficulty and a smoother ride.
ODE Inc. can use these items for this woman, as well as other individuals with special needs be they physical, mental or emotional. People who have difficulty mounting a horse can get into a cart or buggy. People who fear riding can enjoy horses through driving. These items can also be used to generate additional lesson/session income for ODE Inc. and the dedicated staff. These vehicles will also provide jobs for horses giving them a sense of purpose and duty. ODE Inc.’s 4-H club could offer the children the opportunity to drive horses.

How is driving beneficial to others?

Driving gives people of any ability a new sense of excitement, individuality, freedom and accomplishment. Driving is a unique way to explore the world and a path back to a slower time where one can stop and “Smell the roses.”

For people with sensory issues, the motion of the two-wheeled cart can be soothing as it gently surges forward, up and down along with our horse’s motion.

For those with mobility concerns this is a freedom from a slow wheelchair or walker. For a few it can bring them back to when they drove their own family horse to town or in horse shows.

Some people aren’t able to ride a horse due to physical limitations. Driving can bring them the equine experience they need in their lives.

ODE Inc. is developing a 4-H club. These vehicles will be used for 4-H as well. Driving builds confidence in our youth. Working with an animal as large as a horse is not an average experience. Our 4-H children will have the benefit of understanding not only compassion for animals but experience driving a horse and buggy will enhance their safety behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle.

You can help bring these benefits and more to our community. Join us and our grass roots efforts.

Open Door Equine Inc. is a facility that offers therapeutic avenues utilizing horses to encourage healing.

ODE Inc. is run by a dedicated staff and amazing volunteers. All donations go directly to ODE Inc.’s mission of healing through horses, creating good meaningful jobs for people and giving horses jobs.

Sponsoring the Driving Division is a great way to show your or your company’s values.

Our Meadowbrook Cart, harness and buggy will open the door for individuals seeking the nonjudgmental assistance of the horse. This is essential for many people.

ODE Inc. works with children, adults, elderly, veterans, and anyone interested in seeking out equine therapy. We also work with all physical abilities from Autism to amputation. People with mental needs and those needing healing with emotional troubles are also welcome at ODE Inc. Our horses provide a needed pathway that traditional therapies do not have access too.

Your sponsorship shows that you support all people, it supports holistic well being and shows our clients that you believe in them and that you care. This promotes goodwill toward your family and your company.

If one individual or company sponsors both vehicles and harness for $1900.00, the vehicles will have nameplates made with that family’s name or the name of that company elegantly engraved on the seat area of the cart and buggy. These vehicles will be not only used at the ODE Inc. facility but also taken to 4-H shows, parades and featured on video in our many social media outlets. Each use of the video can have a link back to your website embedded into the video. For a multiple sponsorship each family or company can choose the cart, buggy or the harness to sponsor. The family name and or company nameplate will be added to the vehicle of choice.

For continued service of the Driving Division ODE Inc. is offering a donation opportunity for our esteemed yearly members.

Maintenance, training of new horses, replacement of harness or acquisition of new equipment will need to be made as this division continues and grows.

A Support Membership consists of monthly payments of $30 per month or $365 in a one-time payment. Yearly Support Members will have the discounts on; buggy event rental, admissions to events hosted on the ODE Inc. grounds and a one time discount on a barn party in the year of the membership.

Continuing Support Members are those who choose to support the Driving Division for 5 years or more with a donation of $50 per month or $3000. This membership offers discounts on; buggy event rental, admissions to events hosted on the ODE Inc. grounds, substantial discounts on one barn party rental per year of membership and discount on equestrian lessons of their choosing.

Private treaty donations can be arranged with ODE Inc. with benefits that reflect the level of generosity.