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ODE Suppliers

Open Door Equine Inc. needs a lot of services and supplies to keep working. We believe in sharing information and helping support our suppliers. Keep America strong by buying local and supporting small business!  When you give them a call let them know you got their number off of our website. It helps us know where you find us. Here is a list of our service providers who we work with and who help to keep us running smoothly (in no particular order);

Harvest Land Co-Op in Greenfield – Super friendly people, super helpful. We get our grains, soil tests, hay seed and barn odds and ends here. 317-462-5551

The Stable Tack Shop – If you are in Hancock and surrounding counties see Theresa she’s the best. She knows the area and is very helpful. Great pricing and her business is growing! We have purchased consignment saddles from her shop as well as some special order items. Congratulations Theresa, another small business owned by a smart woman! She has a brick and mortar shop in Fortville Indiana. 317-747-4979

Becky DeClerque Horse Hauling – Becky is fantastic with the horses, kind to them and can get just about any horse into the trailer. She is a trustworthy hauler! At this time she has a new enclosed 2 horse side by side bumper pull with full fit mats, ramp, smooth walls and butt bars. It is well kept, clean, she checks tire pressure often, and knows her stuff. I most definitely recommend calling Becky if you need your horse hauled. 317-294-8194

Balanced Naturally with Julie Elsner – Julie makes barefoot trimming an art form. She loves trimming deeply, this shows with the great work she does. The horses love her, our customers love her and veterinarians complement her work. If you are looking for holistic hoof care Julie is the person you should call. 317-698-3142

Jared Jackson – Jared Jackson is a blacksmith, farrier and small brick and mortar shop owner. He owns Jackson Farrier Supplies Inc. near Indianapolis. He has also hung out with some rather well known trainers out west. He’s full of stories and does a great job with shoes of all sorts. Farrier Cell 317-512-0695, Store 866-763-7463

Dr. Kevin Kirtley – Dr Kirtley is a former Farrier turned Veterinarian. He too owns a brick and mortar clinic in Noblesville Indiana, is a good, caring large animal veterinarian who makes barn calls. His website is kckirtleyvetinc 765-499-7700

Janssen Veterinary Clinic – Dr Scott has come out to our barn on several occasions. He is very professional and humane. Their brick and mortar clinic is located at 2420 W 236th St • Sheridan, IN 46069 the website is JVC. 317-758-4865 or 317-873-5353