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Jennifer Parks

About Jennifer Parks

From Jennifer Parks;

To contact Jennifer Parks (317) 728-8200

Barn Manager and Barn Program Director

Jen n Blue

Jen n Blue

Hi there! My name is Jennifer Patterson-Parks.  Finding Open Door Equine was MEANT TO BE!  For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a strong yearning to be in the presence of the horse.

Thinking back to when I was 4, I would pretend any large object was a horse.  Climbing onto our cast iron bar-b-q pit, back of the couch, or while riding my bicycle.  So you can imagine how excited I was being a teenager and finding out my family was going to move to the country in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. A tiny town called Pelkie.

That’s when I found a Quarter Horse farm called “Maple Valley Farm”.  I was able to do barn chores for riding lessons.  Which in time, turned into showing my horse in shows across Michigan and Wisconsin. What a life!!!  Sadly, this life came to an end when it was time to choose a career and enter “the real world”.

Limited on jobs in the nearby towns, no money for college, I joined the military.   My entire family has a military background. However, I had to do it different.  Bigger.  Better.   I joined the Marine Corps.  I was stationed on Camp Pendleton in California. One year later, the September 11 attacks happened.  I spent 7 months in Kuwait and Iraq.  I’ve traveled to numerous countries.  From Germany to Ireland and many in between.  Now a veteran of foreign wars:  Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom.  I’ve had enough “G.I. Jen” for now.  It’s time to get back into animals.  I went to school and entered a career working in the veterinary field.

Choosing to live in Indiana was the next best thing to living in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula…..A LOT LESS SNOW.  Finding Open Door Equine is the Godliest awesome thing EVER in my grown up life.  Stacey welcomed me in a heartbeat. I picked up a manure fork and I instantly had a “this is where I belong” feeling.  Come to find out, Stacey and I share a lot in common.  Watching and learning the way she does things, it opened my eyes to things I never knew about horses.  Keeping an open mind and heart I am ready to be here for quite some time. See you at the barn!!!

Thanks for reading!