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Work Study Program

Work Study Program

Work Study Program

ODE Work Study Program

The Open Door Equine Work Study Program is a comprehensive whole equine learning experience. We are looking for quality people dedicated to horsemanship.

Jennifer Parks on Ichabod's Revenge

Jennifer Parks on Ichabod's Revenge

We are building a showing and working team. Those who make it through the WSP and are accomplished riders will be sponsored by ODE at showing events. This will make available an opportunity few are able to have. Participants will learn a portion of the equine industry from the inside out. We provide to the public; boarding, lessons, showing and therapeutic equine experiences. Involvement with ODE’s WSP will give participants an understanding of these aspects of the equine industry providing them with real-life hands on understanding of the environment. This is valuable to find one’s future in this multi billion dollar a year industry.

Many jobs need to be done for ODE to succeed. Many talents are needed to fulfill these jobs. There are a lot of opportunities at ODE for many abilities.




What you can expect from ODE’s WSP:

Barn Jobs

Barn Jobs

After proving quality work and work ethic for a probationary period of 3 consecutive months the participant’s performance will be reviewed by the owner and barn staff. If the participant has proven to be an asset to ODE then with continued work, riding lessons will be offered at a reduced rate of 25% off. As time progresses and the work quality remains high and growing each 3 month period will be rewarded with 50%, then 75% off riding lessons followed by achieving free of charge lessons once a week. Those with continued dedication may have the opportunity for employment at ODE.

What we expect from you:

We expect that this opportunity will be treated as a regular job. Each participant will be expected to arrive at their scheduled time for their scheduled job. Each participant is expected to work hard and efficiently. Participants will show improvement in their jobs as time passes.

At all times you represent ODE and proper horsemanship. Conduct and work ethic are highly important.

ODE provides horse boarding. What that is, is we are fortunate enough to have a barn and property. People who do not have such a place, the desire to, the time, ability or knowledge needed to care fully for a horse choose to board their horses at a facility such as ours. That means we have resident customers. These clients include the paying boarder, their horse, their family and friends. Each WSP must treat the clients as if they were their own personal clients. Without boarders, we have no ODE facility.

Dailey and High Priority Jobs at ODE:

Stall cleaning – This aspect of horsemanship is highly important and highly valued. It is also hard work. One of the hardest jobs in fact. It is also a skill. Any barn would not function without proper and educated stall cleaning.

Feeding – We will teach WSP participants about the how and whys of feeds, supplements, hay and nutrition.

Buckets – After the horses get let outside for the day their buckets need to be dumped then rinsed and returned to the stall they came from.

Arena Maintenance – Dragging and maintaining proper footing in the arenas. This will include learning how to drive a small tractor. Those who prove to be exceptional WSP participants may be approved to learn the large tractor.

Groom – Equine Participants will learn and be expected to groom for maintenance and for show including Halter, Showmanship and English events.

Small Jobs at ODE:

Metal polishing, dusting, sanitizing equipment, vacuuming, filing, ordering, scheduling etc.

Monthly Jobs at ODE:

Tack Cleaning – Disassemble each item, and appropriately dust and clean each piece. There will be a tack leader who will be working on this and available to answer questions and demonstrate each piece of tack. Nobody is to clean the Billy Cook saddle.

Other Jobs at ODE:

Hay Harvest – At each bailing there will need to be a small army of people to throw the bails to the wagon then move them to the storage areas. It is hard, dirty and will give you the best night’s sleep ever. This will teach the process of hay farming and how valuable a hay field is to an equestrian center.

Show Management – Learn ow to coordinate and efficiently run a show. Each show will have a spotlighted manager.

Grounds Maintenance – Mowing using the garden tractor all the areas that are not a pasture, weeding, appearance and beautification of the yard year round.

Sanding – This is a beautification task. Some of the wood stalls on the concrete side need to be resurfaced. If they are shiny and pretty they are finished. If they look old and warn they will need sanding and lacquering.

Painting – This is a beautification task. Painting any white wood surface with a fresh coat of white paint. Usually done in the spring.

Fundraising and Event Coordination – Learn the ropes of the creative process of fundraising in a real-life event coordination situations.

Research – Researching just about anything from equine issues to tractor parts to grant availability and hydroponic methods.

Letter Writing – This can be done as part of research, fund raising, or simply to get the word out about ODE.

All of these things provide a valuable education in a real hands-on situation. This experience can be used on a resume as work in the equestrian field and participants can begin to build their own reputation in different aspects of the industry.