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You Are the Solution


Day one - Rescue - Fabio

Day one – Rescue – Fabio

Misty and Brian with Lyra Bree Vega Brian 1st show 4

Alice Faye

Alice Faye






In the time it takes you to read this announcement, another horse is going through a kill pen. Over 90% of the horses sent to slaughter are in good condition and could live out productive lives if only given the chance.

Open Door Equine is a 501(c)(3) organization that exists to rescue these horses and give them purposeful futures. The jobs we prepare them for not only spare them from the horrors of a slaughter plant but greatly enriches the human lives that they work with.

YOU can be a part of the solution. In contributing to ODE you will be helping ODE provide many services to the community through the lives of these rescued animals. Horses helped build this nation, now they give us; Physical therapy, Riding Lessons, Therapeutic Lessons, Leasing, even Adoption.

Make your reservations now for; “YOU ARE THE SOLUTION” at, and join us for Open Door Equine’s first Gala Event at the Indianapolis COLTS COMPLEX to support the current horses as well as rehabilitation of future horses and human kind.

Due to popular demand we have added table purchasing options. You can now bring you company or all your friends to the event. For more reasons why you will be glad you are supporting ODE’s mission watch our FaceBook page for more posts.

Where will your money go if you join us at the fundraiser?

  • Feed and supplements
    Veterinarian Care
    Farrier Care
    Acquisition of OTTBs
    Training of OTTBs
    Operating Expenses such as; the electric bill, building maintenance supplies, certification of PATH instructors, marketing for our programs, professional business assistance, growth of ODE, and payroll for future employees (we would really like to have the opportunity to employ people).
    Property acquisition
    Property improvements
    Your requested developments
    and more

Alice before and after.

Alice's hip


The horse you see above was found at a kill buyer’s lot in Columbus Indiana waiting for a long ride to a slaughter plant either in Mexico or Canada. She had a body score of 1.5, it was thought that she would not make it. Her pedigree is incredible, balanced, a daughter of the great Cryptoclearance, and had been raced not long before the hip picture was taken. She did not limp, she was not sick, she simply didn’t continue to run fast enough for her last two owners therefore making her existence a great inconvenience to them. You see she had been dumped at this kill buyer’s lot not once, but twice. She is just one example, there are many many more.


Alice Faye is now entered into the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover and will be at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. If you like what we do please vote for Stacey Sheley and Alice Faye for the Thoroughbred Ambassador Award. If they win the award Open Door Equine will receive the prize money, $5000 which will go to other Off Track Thoroughbreds (OTTB)

Where will the Thoroughbred Ambassador money go?

  • Supporting our OTTBs
  • Feed and supplements
  • Veterinarian Care
  • Farrier Care
  • Acquisition of OTTBs
  • Training of OTTBs
  • Showing expenses (not including tack or show clothes)

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