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Alice Faye Ride #2

Ride #: 2

Date: January 30th 2015

Duration: 45 minutes

Weather: 30°- 40°

Equipment: 18’ Don Rodrigo Stubben MW tree, Dressage saddle, HDR contoured dressage girth, patent leather dressage bridle, German silver lozenge 5’ snaffle, no drop, AP pad. ME – Good Will garb, Ariat paddock boots.

Set Goal: Halt, lessen the walking off at mounting, and Chill Out

What Actually Happened: It all worked out well. She was chilled out in about 20 minutes so I added lengthening stride in walk and loose rein walk. The loose rein was the head-bobbing high speed walk in the beginning so we did a lot of speed control, collection, small circles, 10m circles, change of direction all with an intro to head on the vertical and neck bending. She was more receptive to feeling me out, less dutiful more hearing/feeling/open.  She did really nice so I added in a side pass just to see if she knew it – she has no clue at all. I tried it a couple of times and got one step to the left on the wall. That was good enough for me because it is a leap we don’t need right now. I was just wanted to see what she would do with that cue and how she reacts to something new. She tried backing and forward, lots of head tossing, bit crunching, but she didn’t fling her head around nor grab the bit. As soon as I told her that was what I wanted she put her head down and sighed. She likes to be talked to. Ears were still forward so she wasn’t listening as closely as I would like to see but that could just be her way.

My Riding: Better than the last ride, more loose, more on the ball. There were mistakes as always but I have a clearer picture with better direction of and for Alice and myself. It was good, more open to her too. Neck and upper body were still tight and stiff but I relaxed it repeatedly and was able to loosen up a little.

Thoughts and observations: Letting her walk the arena wall on medium rein for a couple of laps seems to help her start thinking in work mode more quickly. I will ask her to simply do that a few times in both directions and add in a few circles before getting her on the loose rein. I will also stress being on the vertical more with the next ride. That worked out really well this go. I was impressed with the speed in which she picked that up. She is a quick learner, smart, perceptive, very soft in the mouth and on her sides. The slightest pressure and she responds. Her circles with leg are dreamy especially off button #3 on the outside. I hardly have to touch the rein.

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