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Alice Faye Ride #1

Ride #: 1

Date: January 28th 2015

Duration: 120 minutes

Weather: Cold (below freezing), clear.

Equipment: ALICE – 18’ Don Rodrigo Stubben MW tree, Dressage saddle, HDR contoured dressage girth, patent leather dressage bridle, German silver lozenge 5’ snaffle, no drop, AP pad. ME – Good Will garb, Boggs.

Set Goal: None

What Actually Happened: We were in the Indoor arena.  The competition is going to be held in the indoor arena at the Kentucky Horse Park so we will be doing a lot of work indoors. This session I had no expectations so it was an adventure. I was on Alice and my daughter was on her friend June. Alice was high energy, looking at everything. We normally don’t have anything in the arena. This year’s winter was a little different. We had stored hay, tables and chairs in there for the winter as well as our bulk sawdust. Gates section off the sawdust, the seating is up against the C wall near M. There was a lot of potential spook value. I also did not have the lights on as there was enough ambient light from the opaque strip by the ceiling filtering in. The drag has been broken for several months and the garden tractor that fits in the indoor has been broken for almost a year. The footing is terrible, packed, and lumpy.

We walked fast, hard, out of balance, lots of neck, hollow back, wide eyed, heavy breathing, looking at the stuff on the C wall, she also walked off at mounting and tripped a bit between F and A 2x. Halt was so-so leaning towards fidgety.

My Riding: I have not had a lot of ride time lately, I’ve been starting and running the barn the last couple of years. I am cold, tight in my lower neck, shoulders, jaw, and mid back as well as a painful left hip. Pelvis is loose, right hip feels good and loose. Knees, ankles, calves are loose and still. My shoulders are TIGHT, elbows are ok, hands are soft, low and close. All the layers of clothes make my upper back and neck hurt so this is nothing new for this time of year. I am not at “auto-pilot” as I would like to be. My cues are not very clear but she is definitely giving me what I asked for Vs my intended cue. This is the “rusty” leaking out all over the place. It is really bad riding. I need to get back into ride mode Vs poo flinging mode that is for sure.

Thoughts and observations: At this point I don’t have any expectations for the show in October. She is very green but willing and responsive. Mentally however, she is everywhere but with me. I don’t have the connection with her that is easily obtainable when I have ridden other horses especially Classy. She will listen lightly and out of duty, but it is just duty at this point. The saddle fits beautifully for both of us. I haven’t had a saddle fit my horse and myself as well since Classy and my Billy Cook.

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