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Messages from Annon…

This is a blog entry from an EAP (EAGALA) client of ODE Inc. in her own words, un-edited. She would like to be referred to as Annon for the time being. Please leave your stories and share your experiences so she and others don’t feel so trapped and alone. Your stories will help her and others release the chains of fear. She is writing this and more to help overcome anxiety as speaking about anxiety helps to lift its icy grip on the heart and soul.

Due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I am a broken person. The trauma, itself, I won’t describe, but it has caused me daily panic and anxiety attacks, and some physical impairments. I kept searching for a cure, refusing to give up, or resign myself to a fearful, isolating life.  Then one day, a miracle happened. I read about Open Door Equine. God had given me a gift.  I grew up riding, barrel racing, and showing horses; but, that was over 30 years ago. Could I remember how to ride? I didn’t know if I could even physically get on a horse, but it didn’t matter. I just wanted to be near them again-to touch them; smell that wonderful “horse smell”; hear their sounds, and look into their wise, beautiful eyes.

It took me a month to gain the courage to call Stacey Sheley. On the other end of the phone, was this bright, bouncy voice that sounded as reassuring as an old friend. It was if she already knew me, and knew my pain.

The first time I had a panic attack in front of Stacey, I was riding June. Stacey didn’t overreact. She calmly coaxed me into taking deep breaths, and patiently lead June and me around the arena. Eventually, the panic passed, and I began to cry. I cried, partly out of embarrassment, but mostly because I had found this wondeful person and this horse that lead me through the darkness into the light. “In riding a horse, we borrow freedom”.

The following week, I felt anxious about my next lesson. What if I had another panic attack?  What if I broke down? What if I spooked the horses?  What if? But, my desire to be around the horses was stronger than my fear. The minute I touched June and looked into her eyes, I relaxed. I simply took her beauty into my spirit.

“Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self-esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us hope.”

Hope is what Stacey and Open Door Equine have given me. I’m still not “cured”, but I’m healing.I will never be the same person that I was prior to the trauma, but I can love the person that I am becoming. I owe this gift to Stacey and her horses. I thank her every day in my mind. I dream of horses every night.

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